North Carolina Weddings – 5 Things All Brides Should Know About the Wedding Day

5 Things All Brides Should Know About the Wedding Day
A wedding is a glorious time for two special people to share their vows and begin their new journey through life as husband and wife. However, a wedding can also be very demanding, time consuming, and stressful. There are certain people who might offer to help with the wedding planning or the errand running. Accepting help from other people in your family or your close friends can help you keep your sanity at least until the big day. 
A special event occasion that happens once in a lifetime should be treasured. In order to treasure this day, it does not have to be perfect but close to it. Here are 5 things that all brides should know about their North Carolina wedding day. 
(1)There has never been a perfect wedding.



 Throughout the history of mankind there has never been one perfect wedding. Even though a wedding might not be perfect, the connection between the husband and wife is. So be mindful when something does not go as planned. The end result will still be the same… you marrying the man of your dreams.
(2)Deal firmly with in laws and out laws. 
Not everyone that attends the wedding ceremony is going to be in favor of the marriage. However, they should not disrupt any part of the ceremony with their opinions. In order to keep this from happening, the bride and groom should deal firmly with these out-laws. Sometimes these out-laws happen to be your soon to be in-laws. 
(3)Control the alcohol intake at your reception.
At the reception there can be many different things, including alcohol. Some people might not know their personal stopping points before they become intoxicated. Ask the bartender to limit the amount of drinks served at the open bar to three or four per person. Even though some may still be intoxicated, the chances of them becoming wedding crashers will decrease when there is control over the alcohol intake.
(4)Choose a mixture of music and entertainment to keep the wedding alive during the reception. 
When selecting the range of music that you will have played, be sure to include soft music and fast paced music as a variety. You would like your guests to enjoy themselves but not totally exhaust themselves while dancing. Slow music provides a great moment for couples, including the Bride and Groom, to get on the dance floor and create a lasting memory.
(5)Expect the unexpected, especially with weather conditions. 
Sometimes it might not be as sunny as the forecaster predicted. Always be prepared to take shelter with outside weddings just in case a freak rain storm comes your way. Weather does not ruin a wedding but adds character to it. Being prepared to shift the wedding indoors is always a good idea.


Although it may seem like the big day is not coming fast enough, once it arrives you might feel nervous or anxious. These feelings are normal. Every bride deserves to be prepared for her big day. Preparing yourself to become the wife of your wonderful fiancé takes more than just time, but planning and determination. It can be done! Relax, and take each step one at a time! 

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What are some things YOU want to know about planning your wedding day? I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy Planning!

Thomas & Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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