North Carolina Weddings – Does lighting matter at my wedding?


I bring this topic up because I recently had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding.  It was a beautiful room and the decorations were amazing.  But there was something missing. . . there was no atmosphere and you can tell people weren’t really “comfortable” or “relaxed”. 

 If you want people to enjoy themselves at your event, you need to make them feel comfortable and send signals to them that . . . .”hey, this is a celebration, a time to party with family and friends.  The lighting in the room was completely wrong and nonexistent.  The room felt “cold” and just didn’t give off the “FUN”, “ROMANTIC” feel you would expect at a wedding reception.  The overhead lighting was too bright and there were no changes in lighting throughout the evening.  It felt as though the venue gave no thought to the room lighting at all!  This is something that needs to be brought to the attention of the venue but most brides and groom have so many other things to think about between planning for their wedding and dealing with all the things associated with planning a wedding, that they just don’t think about the small details like the lighting at their event, but it can make a HUGE difference in type of party you have. 

 Obviously we all want our party to be the very BEST that it can be and leave your guests wanting more.  Unfortunately, not having the proper mood lighting can really hamper those efforts and leave your party rather flat.  In regards to lowering the room lights, there are two extremes to avoid. Don’t leave it too bright, and don’t make it too dark TOO EARLY. Let me explain: when the first dance is about to begin, the DJ should announce the bride & groom’s first dance, then the lights should be lowered A LITTLE. Don’t lower them much, just enough to change the atmosphere for dancing. Lowering the lights will encourage guests to center their attention on the bride & groom and join in once the DJ makes the announcement to join them on the dance floor. Back to the lighting, you don’t lower the lights too much, as the feel of your elegant reception may be transformed into “party time”. Now of course you want “your party time”, but allow for some time to make the transformation complete—do it slowly so as not to give anyone ideas of leaving early. 

Throughout the evening, the lights can be lowered in intervals. After the cake cutting can be a final turning point where now it’s a party more than a reception—at this point the room lights can give way to the DJ dance floor lighting completely. As with all of our tips, if you are using us for your reception entertainment, you don’t need to be concerned with this, unless you specify otherwise, we will take care of all the details and make sure your reception runs smoothly so you worry LESS and enjoy MORE! Platinum Party Events – “Your North Carolina wedding DJ making unforgettable memories one song at a time!”