Outdoor Wedding: 5 Things to Consider with Your Wedding DJ

Summer is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding and Hudson Valley offers plenty of beautiful wedding venues for a special occasion. But organizing an outdoor wedding can mean a lot of careful planning. Your wedding DJ should be part of the planning process to ensure your wedding goes smoothly.


The wedding DJ will play a major role in ensuring your wedding entertainment is top notch. When your wedding is taking place outside, you need to make sure the wedding DJ is prepared.


Here are the five things to consider with your wedding DJ when you’re planning for an outdoor wedding:


1. How to get electricity for the equipment?

One of the major concerns your wedding DJ will have is how to get electricity for the equipment. It’s important to state your plans in advance and allow the DJ to get to know the wedding venue. It’s also a good idea to check with the wedding venue, as they might have solutions on offer.


2. How to prepare for the weather

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Of course, just like with any outdoor event, your outdoor wedding will have to consider the weather. The DJ would have to have some kind of protection from the elements, especially because of the expensive equipment. Even slight drizzle might be bad! You’ll probably have a Plan B in place in case the weather is too bad for an outdoor wedding so you also have to talk about this Plan B with your wedding DJ.


3. Where is the dance floor?

You’ll also want to consider the outdoor layout in terms of where the Lake Norman Wedding DJ will be and where the dance floor is. Your wedding DJ will want to be right next to the dance floor to ensure they see the reaction to different music. Since you also have to consider where the DJ’s equipment will get power, you must consider the layout in advance.


4. How are the lights placed?

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The summer nights can get dark and if your wedding DJ will perform late into the evening, you have to consider the lights. It’s important the DJ will have enough lighting to make playing music easy.


5. When to stop playing?

Most venues will have noise restrictions. You can’t just keep dancing the night away no matter how much you’d like. It’s a good idea to check state and venue regulations and inform the wedding DJ. You also have to consider the noise ordinances when planning the entertainment – you don’t want to make it so the DJ will just suddenly stop playing as the clock approaches the deadline.


Talk to your wedding DJ


The main thing is to talk to your wedding DJ – good communication will result in better wedding music. Share your hopes and dreams with the wedding DJ and ask for suggestions. Lake Norman wedding DJs are professional and they know what they are doing so don’t be afraid to get their input on your big day!


Do you have any major concerns regarding outdoor weddings? Ask us and will help you in the comment section below!

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