Monday, February 25th, 2019

Wedding Etiquette: How to Divide the Cost?

Weddings can cost quite a bit of money. How to divide the cost without causing a scene or getting into debt? What is the wedding etiquette when it comes to paying your big day?

The traditional wedding etiquette around the cost of a wedding was quite clear: the financing was up to the bride’s family. This kind of logic was steeped in the old-fashioned way of thinking about weddings. Marriages were often business transaction and women were simply part of how families conducted business. Luckily, times have changed and the traditional wedding etiquette has been replaced in many regards, not least in terms of who pays for the wedding.

Modern Couples Pay for Their Own Wedding

It’s very commonplace these days to keep the families out of it and instead, the couples can choose to pay for the wedding themselves. Since the age of getting married is higher, most couples are already rather established career-wise and therefore, don’t find it difficult or odd to pay for it themselves. In some occasions, couples might even take out a small loan to avoid having to cover the full cost at once.

Parents Tend to Chip In

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Of course, having your children get married is a proud moment for the parents. The modern wedding etiquette is, therefore, very flexible and parents often chip in. This can be in terms of one set of parents covering things like the wedding DJ, whilst the other might pay for wedding photography. In addition, the bride’s family might help out to ensure their daughter gets the dream dress.

Furthermore, it’s a good and fair idea to ask for parents to cover some of the costs if they are taking a central role in the planning process. For example, if they insist on increasing the guest list then they should be willing to pay for some of this additional cost.

How to Talk About Money?

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In terms of avoiding conflict, the wedding etiquette is rather clear about one thing: talk about the money in advance and set a realistic budget! It’s important for couples to think about what they can actually afford and then reflect it in terms of what they need. This will also help in determining if you need to ask help from your parents. It’s also a good idea to have everyone at the table to talk about money.

Never Expect the Guests to Pay

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Now, the wedding etiquette has shifted in terms of whether wedding guests should pay the bill. Whilst it’s common to ask for donations to a honeymoon fund, for example, you shouldn’t ask for guests to pay for the wedding. The exception to this rule is a situation where you are upfront about the exact cost and you make it clear you don’t mind if people decide not to come – you can’t force others to pay for your big day this way!

Be Smart with Your Spending

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Above all, the modern wedding etiquette is so flexible and sensible when it comes to wedding costs. You should definitely approach the topic openly and realistically.

And don’t forget there are many clever ways to save. For example, swap your wedding photographer to a wedding photo booth, keep the guest list small, offer a smaller but tasty menu and opt for the DIY route when you can!

What are your thoughts on wedding etiquette and paying for the wedding? Let us know how you solved it or are thinking of solving it on your big day!

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Perfect Elopement Wedding Ideas

Some couples just want to overlook all the fuss and elope. North Carolina’s beautiful cities and towns offer plenty of opportunities for a great elopement wedding. Here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect elopement!

Skip the Traditional Dress

Eloping gives you plenty of opportunities to ditch the traditions and go with the flow. One of the quirkiest ways to have a lovely elopement wedding is to skip the traditional wedding gowns and simply wear whatever you feel like it. You could go with a casual wedding look or opt for an extravagant evening gown in your favorite color.

Book a Whimsical Location

North Carolina has lots of stunning wedding venues that would be perfect for this occasion. You can find some ideas from this Venue Report post. When you’re thinking about the venue, pick something unique and quirky. You won’t have as many guests at the party so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Hire a Wedding DJ for Quirky Party

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So your wedding might not have the biggest crowds but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. In fact, you can surprise people by inviting them on a road trip to North Carolina only to turn the party into a wedding. For a good elopement wedding, music is a must – so pick a North Carolina DJ and have a quirky wedding party.

Cook Your Own Meals

If you want a relaxed and unique elopement wedding, then how about treating the guests to a cooking lesson? You could hire a professional chef to help you all create a stunning meal. This would be something fun and different, resulting in lots of good memories!

Take Lots of Photos

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Elopement wedding shouldn’t be without making memories. If you’re getting married in a different state or far away from home, you might find it hard to pick a wedding photographer. But don’t worry – you could hire a wedding photo booth and guarantee you have lots of photos of the small party!

Organize a Post-Nuptial Party

Now, if you are wondering about feeling bad for not inviting all the loved ones to your elopement wedding, you can always throw an after-party. This doesn’t have to be as formal as a wedding party – you could even have it in your backyard! It’s just something that let’s other people join in on your love as well!

Creating the Perfect Elopement Wedding

When it comes to the perfect elopement wedding the key is to plan well and be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Elopement isn’t for everyone and it’s important to think whether you really want to do it or not – this is about you and your partner and you both have to be onboard this idea! But as the above shows, there are plenty of ways to make an elopement wedding unique and fun. You can play with the wedding traditions and have a unique take on this big day!

Have you thought about eloping with your partner? What do you think would be the key to a good elopement wedding? Let us know!

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Valentine’s Day Photo Booth – Creating a Kissing Booth

When it comes to throwing Valentine’s Day party or a romantic wedding, you can add a lot of love in the air with a photo booth. Here are tips on how to turn your Valentine’s Day photo booth into a kissing booth for guests to have fun with!

Sign It Up for People to Find

Valentine's Day photo booth

Your Valentine’s Day photo booth needs a sign to ensure guests know what it’s all about! You could have the sign right next to the photo booth displaying in big, bright letters “Kissing Booth”. If there’s room above the photo booth and you’re able to hang the sign higher or have it on the wall, do this for extra visibility!

Add a Romantic Background

photo booth backdrop

Your kissing booth should also have a romantic background. This could be a beautiful rose background or you could create a DIY background with small red and pink hearts. With a digital photo booth, you could even opt for a green screen and have your own custom-made background for guests to use!

Shower It with Props

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Props are a great way to turn your Valentine’s Day photo booth into a proper kissing booth. You could add cutout lips for guests to play with and turn the photos into something humorous. You should also have signs that say things like “Just Kissed a Girl” and “Just Kissed a Boy”, as well as cupid’s arrows the guests can point to their kissing partners.

Compete for the Best Kiss

Valentine's Day Photo Booth

A good party should have a competition! Photo booth competitions are fun and they will ensure the guests have a nice time snapping photos. Your competition could be for the most romantic photo, the funniest photo or you could even give everyone a printed list of everyone they need to kiss and take a photo as proof. The one who gets the most things ticked off the list wins the competition!

Share It Online

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Whether you’re hosting Valentine’s Day party or a wedding, including social media to your event is a great idea. Why not make your Valentine’s Day photo booth social too? Display hashtags for the event next to your photo booth and pick a booth that allows social sharing after the photo’s been taken. This will make your party just a bit more fun!

Valentine’s Day Photo Booth is A Lot of Fun

The best thing about creating a kissing booth as your Valentine’s Day photo booth is the simplicity of it and the fun it brings to the party! It’s a lighthearted way to have a bit of a laugh and people of all ages can enjoy it. What’s more, you don’t need to do a lot to create it! Just contact your trusted North Carolina photo booth specialist and take the above tips into account. Soon you’ll be having a good time with friends and family!

Have you had a Valentine’s Day photo booth turned into a kissing booth? What did you think? Let us know!

Monday, January 28th, 2019

6 Reasons You Should Have Valentine’s Day Wedding

Aside from your wedding day, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day out there. So why not combine to two and have Valentine’s Day wedding! Here are six convincing reasons to marry on this romantic holiday.

1. You Can Use Red, Heart-Shaped Decorations

Red is the color of love and a great wedding theme color. When combined with heart-shaped decorations, you have beautiful décor sorted in no time at all. Tiny heart decorations can be used as table cards, red heart-shaped candles can be beautiful centerpieces and you could even opt for a beautiful red wedding cake – in the shape of a heart, of course!

2. You Can Create the Sweetest Wedding Menus

Talking of food, Valentine’s Day wedding is the perfect time for a sweet wedding menu. You can add all the chocolate to your wedding menu as you want and opt for the sweetest dessert buffets. What’s even better, the day is perfect from simple wedding favors like bags of candy or melting hot chocolate!

3. You Can Use Lots of Colors

Whilst red is the obvious color choice for Valentine’s Day wedding, bright red isn’t the only option. You can pick any red hue from burgundy to pink if you want to. Not to mention the fact that red pairs well with other colors like gold, purple, blue and even grey. You have lots of fantastic options in terms of décor, clothing and flowers.

4. You Can Be Playful with Entertainment

Because the theme is so sweet and fun, your Valentine’s Day wedding offers plenty of fun entertainment ideas. Instead of just having a wedding photo booth, you can turn it into a kissing booth for guests! You can also organize your own game show for all the couples at the wedding – sort of like the Newlywed Game!

5. You Can Play All The Love Songs

Your North Carolina wedding DJ can pump out a love song after another and because it’s Valentine’s Day wedding, no one is stopping you. This solves the problem of having to pick your First Dance song from the catalogue of great love songs – you can simply have all of them played at your wedding!

6. You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune

first dance song

On a more serious note, having Valentine’s Day Wedding can be good for the bank account. Winter weddings, on average, are cheaper than summer weddings so February isn’t going to be too tough on your budget. You also have the winter sales close by that could help you save up on things like decorations.

Celebrating Love with a Valentine’s Day Wedding

So, don’t think twice if you feel like getting married on this love-filled day. It’s also the perfect day for throwing a big party for your friends and family – at least they don’t have to worry about organizing a date night on that day! So, throwing Valentine’s Day wedding is extremely sweet and lots of fun.

What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day weddings? Let us know!