How to Throw a Great Party for Your Father

Father’s Day is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about throwing a great party for your father. Now, dads come in all shapes and sizes but they do all love to have a good time. Here are the tips for organizing a superb Hudson Valley party for your father this summer.


Pick a cozy and relaxed venue


Dads don’t like a lot of fuss. They are straightforward and fun and that’s what they would want from their father’s day party as well. You definitely want to pick a cozy and relaxed venue for your party. This could simply be the backyard but you can also find lovely camp-style locations in Hudson Valley. Places like Rustic Ridge View Farm are a great option for throwing a party for your father.

party for your father

Have a bunch of delicious food to keep your dad’s stomach happy


Since father’s day takes place in June, there’s really no other option than to make sure the party food is all about barbecue. It’s the best summer party food and will make your dad happy as well. We’re talking about proper chicken wings, barbecue ribs and corn on the cob.

party for your father

Design a signature drink for the party for your father


You will also need to ensure your dad doesn’t get too thirsty on father’s day. Instead of just having a bunch of beer or coke at the party, surprise your father with a signature drink. It can be based on your dad’s favorite drink – be it beer, whiskey, coke or lemon juice. You can even bottle it in glass jars and add a fun label to it based on your father’s quirks. For example, “Dad’s sparkling thirst quencher“ or “DIY Dad’s secret brew”.

party for your father

Give your dad a chance to pose for fun party photos


You might think photo booths are just for weddings and corporate events. They’re actually great for all sorts of parties and will be a fantastic addition to your dad’s big father’s day party as well. You could surprise your dad by creating a red carpet at the front of the venue and have every guest be able to pose in front of the magic mirror photo booth! You can personalize the photos with different backgrounds or drawings, and you can even write messages on top of the photos.

magic mirror photo booth

Challenge your father to a party game


A great party for your father will also require a bit of healthy competition. Party games are a great way to get everyone just a little more pumped about the party. A quiz is a fantastic pick for father’s day. You can design it around your dad’s favorite subject, be it food or sports, or it could even be a quiz about your father.

party for your father

You should definitely throw a great party for your father this father’s day. Create it based on the above elements and your dad will have a day to remember.


What are some of your favorite father’s day activities? Are you planning on throwing a party for your father this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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