Perfect Elopement Wedding Ideas

Some couples just want to overlook all the fuss and elope. North Carolina’s beautiful cities and towns offer plenty of opportunities for a great elopement wedding. Here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect elopement!

Skip the Traditional Dress

Eloping gives you plenty of opportunities to ditch the traditions and go with the flow. One of the quirkiest ways to have a lovely elopement wedding is to skip the traditional wedding gowns and simply wear whatever you feel like it. You could go with a casual wedding look or opt for an extravagant evening gown in your favorite color.

Book a Whimsical Location

North Carolina has lots of stunning wedding venues that would be perfect for this occasion. You can find some ideas from this Venue Report post. When you’re thinking about the venue, pick something unique and quirky. You won’t have as many guests at the party so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Hire a Wedding DJ for Quirky Party

wedding music ideas

So your wedding might not have the biggest crowds but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a party. In fact, you can surprise people by inviting them on a road trip to North Carolina only to turn the party into a wedding. For a good elopement wedding, music is a must – so pick a North Carolina DJ and have a quirky wedding party.

Cook Your Own Meals

If you want a relaxed and unique elopement wedding, then how about treating the guests to a cooking lesson? You could hire a professional chef to help you all create a stunning meal. This would be something fun and different, resulting in lots of good memories!

Take Lots of Photos

north carolina photo booth

Elopement wedding shouldn’t be without making memories. If you’re getting married in a different state or far away from home, you might find it hard to pick a wedding photographer. But don’t worry – you could hire a wedding photo booth and guarantee you have lots of photos of the small party!

Organize a Post-Nuptial Party

Now, if you are wondering about feeling bad for not inviting all the loved ones to your elopement wedding, you can always throw an after-party. This doesn’t have to be as formal as a wedding party – you could even have it in your backyard! It’s just something that let’s other people join in on your love as well!

Creating the Perfect Elopement Wedding

When it comes to the perfect elopement wedding the key is to plan well and be aware of the do’s and don’ts. Elopement isn’t for everyone and it’s important to think whether you really want to do it or not – this is about you and your partner and you both have to be onboard this idea! But as the above shows, there are plenty of ways to make an elopement wedding unique and fun. You can play with the wedding traditions and have a unique take on this big day!

Have you thought about eloping with your partner? What do you think would be the key to a good elopement wedding? Let us know!

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