Photo Booth Sign Ideas for Parties

A proper photo booth sign is an important part of your photo booth setup. While you always want to position the photo booth in a central location with plenty of foot traffic, you still need to add a few signs here and there to ensure people take advantage of it. So, what kind of signs can you come up with?


A simple blackboard


A blackboard is a simple yet beautiful sign idea and it works in all sorts of parties. You could hang the blackboard on the wall or have it placed on a stand. You can decorate your blackboard sign with images or a nice frame if you want. A set of fairy lights around it will create a funky billboard style look.

photo booth sign

A beautifully framed message


You could turn your photo booth sign into something glamorous by using a frame. The frame could be an old vintage frame or a rustic wooden frame. You can easily use your imagination and pick a frame that fits with the theme of your party. The text inside the frame can be simply printed on a piece of paper.

photo booth sign

Individual table cards


If you want something different, then throw out the single big sign idea out of the window altogether. Instead, you could have individual table cards that show the location of the photo booth in the venue. You could do this by having a simple map of the venue with the photo booth marked or just print out the instructions to how to find it (for example, by saying it’s right next to the dance floor). This fun photo booth sign idea would work especially well in weddings where guests would all have their own seat.

photo booth sign

Arrows in the air


Big arrows hanging from the ceiling are another fun idea for a photo booth sign. You could use thick cardboard and cut arrow shapes from it, writing or drawing a photo booth to mark the sign’s purpose. Then hang these in different locations around the venue to let people know where to go. You could even create one arrow pointing down to the ground and place it right above your photo booth!

photo booth sign

What to write?


In terms of the text, you want to be creative and playful. You could use phrases like:


  • Strike a pose
  • Grab some props
  • Smile & pose
  • Snap a photo with a friend
  • Ready for a snap?
  • Psst…Time for a photo!


As the above shows, you don’t just have to say “Photo booth over here”. You can convey the same message with more fun – perhaps even include hints about the kind of photo booth you are using. For instance, if you have a Magic Mirror Photo Booth at the party, your sign could say “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose picture is the best of them all?


Hopefully, the above photo booth sign ideas inspired you to create a beautiful sign for your next party. Remember photo booths are a great entertainment option for all sorts of parties from weddings to Halloween!


What do you think? Share your favorite photo booth sign ideas with us!

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