Where to Place Your Party Photo Booth?

Party planning involves plenty of decisions regarding the venue. You need to come up with the seating plan and decide where to place the dance floor. While decisions like this are often carefully considered, many don’t give enough attention to placing the party photo booth. However, you don’t want the photo booth placement to be an after-thought – most importantly, you don’t want to abandon the photo booth in a small corner somewhere in the venue.


Your party photo booth deserves a top spot

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If you’re spending money to hire a photo booth in Lake Norman or you’ve spent time creating a DIY photo booth, you want people to use it. Therefore, it’s essential to place your party photo booth somewhere smart – where the party is. You don’t want it to be in the hallway or another room with not much action. It should always be in the midst of the action. What this generally means is placing it right next to the dance floor.


A photo booth and the dance floor – a match made in heaven


The best spot for your party photo booth is in the close vicinity of the dance floor. There are a few important reasons for this. Let’s consider them:


A busy and central location. You can generate much more use for your party photo booth by placing it in this location. The dance floor is often the most central location in the party – it’s where all the action happens. When people are already hanging out in that location, they are more likely to consider taking photos with the photo booth.


An exciting ambiance. Your party photo booth will also benefit from the mood-enhancing tunes of the dance floor. You might have a good Hudson Valley DJ setting up the tunes and your guests will be excited to take photos as well.


A popular gathering spot. One of the best things about the spot is how it brings the whole party together. Even if you don’t like dancing, you will probably want to spend time somewhere close by. This is to stay aware of the action around you and to be able to enjoy the music. When you have a party photo booth around, you offer the non-dancing guests something to do as well. It makes the guests feel more involved.


What about space?

Many people object to having the photo booth next the to dance floor because of space. They fear there won’t be enough space left for dancing or adequate space for taking photos. This won’t be a problem – mainly because you’ll have some people dancing and others taking photos. People won’t be fighting to be at the same spot, but they will flow from one part of the room to the other.


When it comes to placing the party photo booth, make sure it’s close to the dance floor. This will help make your party better and it’ll guarantee guests have plenty of entertainment to keep them going.


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