Wedding Recycling Ideas: Putting Your Wedding Items to Good Use

So, you have held a successful wedding party and you are still elated to be called Mrs. & Mr. After the excitement begins to settle, you might find yourself at home with boxes full of wedding items. Since you’ve paid good money to organize the things, is there a way to guarantee you don’t just have to throw it all away? Here are wedding recycling ideas you should keep in mind.


The wedding flowers


If you held on to your wedding flowers or your wedding bouquet, you have a lot of options for recycling. In the event the flowers were fake you can use individual petals to decorate your wedding photo album or ‘Thank You’ notes.


One cool wedding recycling idea surrounds your wedding photos and flowers. If you had hired a magic mirror photo booth from a Hudson Valley provider, you could attach an individual petal for those photo booth photos and send to your guests as an additional gift.

dried wedding bouquets

You can also recycle real flowers. Learn to dry the flowers and use them as decorative elements around the house. A dried wedding bouquet is a lovely keepsake from the big day. If you have a lot of flowers left over, turn them into potpourri!


The wedding décor


You can put things like candles, candleholders, ribbons and balloons into a good use. Candles and candleholders can naturally be re-used. You can use the ends of the candle and re-wax them into new shapes and sizes.


Candleholders can be turned into great gifts to hand out over the years. You can even consider selling them to another Hudson Valley wedding party, especially if they are still in pristine use. The same applies to vases of all kinds. You probably won’t need to hold on to 20 vases of the same kind. You can use them as gifts – add fresh flowers and a ribbon or fill up with homemade goods.

wedding recycling ideas

Ribbons should be packed up in boxes and used to tie gifts. A red ribbon makes a great Christmas wrapping, for example. So, don’t just throw your ribbons away.


If you had paper or cardboard placards or other such decorations, you could cut the decorations into smaller pieces and re-use as cards. If you have friends with kids, the children would love to have papers and placards to mess about with.


The wedding clothes


Naturally, you can easily continue using your wedding shoes and jewelry in other parties. The groom can often take advantage of the suit for formal events – just by changing the shirt, you can re-change the whole look.


But the wedding dress is not non-recyclable either. If you don’t mind cutting it to pieces, you can ask a tailor to remodel it into an evening gown. You can even use the fabric to make skirts or bags. If you don’t want to do this, then consider selling it online.

bag from wedding dress

Hudson Valley wedding providers will be able to provide you with plenty more tips and you can always ask if some of them would like the items back! Nonetheless, the above post hopefully gave you plenty wedding recycling ideas and helped you to understand you don’t  need to throw away things after the party is over.


If you got wedding recycling ideas, please let us know! We’d love to hear your tips in the comment section below.

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