Social Media at Weddings: the Do’s and Don’ts

Social media at weddings is a topic the modern couple has to take seriously. We’re a nation of social media lovers. However much we might love this new way of connecting with people, you might want to ensure certain things are not published online for the world to see when it comes to your wedding day.


To help the wedding guests and the couple to keep social media at weddings in check, here are the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Social media at weddings: The things to do

social media at weddings

Do create social media etiquette and inform your wedding guests about it. This means having a small leaflet to inform the guests when it’s OK to take the camera phone out and if you’d like them to Tweet or talk about the ceremony and reception online at all. You can have the information available in your wedding invitation, as well as have it printed on the ceremony guide or even the reception table cards.


Do consider having a hashtag. If you do want to use social media at your wedding, do so in style. Create a special wedding hashtag and encourage the wedding guests to use it. You can include it in your napkins, table cards or just have a placard to remind people how to share and browse your wedding photos or Tweets.

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Do consider using social media as entertainment. If you don’t want the wedding guests to have their smartphones at the reception and for them to constantly post on social media, you can control the use of social media at weddings. Simply have an entertainment with professional social media element – a magic mirror photo booth is a great example. The photo booth allows guests to take fun photos and to share them on social media. However, you don’t have to worry about anyone snapping an awkward photo of you eating cake. It’s fun and clever.


Social media at weddings: The things to avoid

social media at weddings

Don’t forget to give way to the actual photographer, even if photographing and posting is permitted. Your social media updates shouldn’t take center stage; this is someone’s wedding after all. Do allow the professionals to work their magic in peace and don’t make social media use the main thing about the special event.


Don’t share photos you wouldn’t want to be published of yourself. You don’t want to ruin a beautiful wedding by posting an awkward photo – unless you have the full permission of the person in the photo. You want to share photos that capture the essence of the day – social media at weddings is best when it’s happy, thoughtful and lovable.

social media at weddings

Don’t become a wedding critic. Social media can be quite a negative place. But leave your criticism of the dress or the wedding food at home and only post positive feedback. If you don’t have anything good to say about the wedding, then don’t say anything at all!


Don’t share photos without permission. All in all, it’s a good idea to make sure you only share photos when you have the permission of the people in the photo. If you want to share your own silly dance photos, go ahead – just make sure you ask if someone else features in the photo. Furthermore, if you’re taking photos of children, you need the parents’ permission to share it.


Social media is a modern addition to weddings and it can be a fun way to include everyone to your big day – even those that didn’t make it. Just remember to have your rules and boundaries and if you’re attending a wedding as a guest; use common sense and courtesy.


What do you think about social media at weddings? Let us know!

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