Spring Wedding Must Haves

Spring is slowly but surely increasing its popularity as a wedding season. This isn’t a surprise – a spring wedding can be wonderful and whimsical! To create the perfect spring wedding, you’ll need to make sure to incorporate these amazing must-haves.

Pretty Pastels

spring wedding

While pastels colors might look slightly out of place during winter or autumn, they are perfect for a spring wedding. You could opt for pastel decorations or pick the wedding party’s outfits in lovely shades of pastel. Pastels offer plenty of choices as well from the cooler tones of blue to warmer shades of yellow and orange.

Scented Candles

You can enhance the spring feeling with scented candles. Choose perfect spring scents like lavender, hyacinths and cherry blossoms and you’ll fill your wedding venue with an elegant touch of spring. Candles also make beautiful and simple table décor so you’ll get that covered too! For a budget-friendly trick, just buy small scented tea candles and place them small glass jars – you could even pick colored jars for extra wow-factor.

Best Spring Songs

Your chosen North Carolina wedding DJ should fill the playlist with beautiful spring songs. We’ve written about our favorites before – you should include songs like Walking on Sunshine and It Might As Well Be Spring. Of course, there are plenty more to choose from!

Seasonal Flavors

Of course, a spring wedding must have seasonal produce. The good news is that spring offers plenty of exciting choices. At the start, you can pick a menu full of leafy greens, carrots and peas. When the season draws closer to summer, you should opt for melons and tomatoes. Citrus flavors are also a must-have for a spring wedding!

Interactive Entertainment

Your spring wedding should also have lots of fun and interactive entertainment. One of the best options is to hire a Magic Mirror Photo Booth. It allows you to set your own backgrounds, incorporate messages to the photos and as an open-air booth you can have it right at the center of the party! This ensures everyone gets to enjoy the entertainment and take lots of photos – you can even share them on social media!

Thoughtful Favors

You should also include some thoughtful wedding favors in the spirit of spring. For something playful, bug repellent with personalized labels would be a quirky gift to give. You can also prepare your wedding guests for the coming summer season and opt for flip-flops and customized bottle openers. Even a cute watering can, filled with seeds would work beautifully!

Creating the Perfect Spring Wedding

With the above spring wedding must-haves, you can create the perfect wedding during this magical season. Spring offers so many beautiful options in terms of colors, décor, flavors and flowers! You just have to pick your favorite and create the perfect day.

What are some of your favorite spring wedding must haves? Let us know!

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