Summer Party Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Summer party mistakes are not always your fault. The season is the biggest season for weddings and garden parties. However, it isn’t the easiest with the hot and unpredictable weather, and with little summer flies and other creatures making it a challenging party season. While some things are hard to fully prevent, there are a few common pitfalls you can avoid when throwing a Hudson Valley summer party.


Summer Party Mistake #1: Guests not being aware of the venue

summer party mistakes

When sending invitations to your summer party, don’t make the mistake of not revealing details about the venue and the entertainment. You don’t want the guests to show up expecting an indoor event or have people dress up in their best high heels only to find themselves walking in a barn. Give a detailed look about what type of event you’re organizing and give tips on the right dress code.


Summer Party Mistake #2: The weather ruining it all


Summer weather is tricky and not just because it might not be sunny. Indeed, sometimes the problem can be that it’s too sunny and people have no shelter from the scorching sun.


Avoid weather problems by being prepared for it all. This obviously means having shelter in case it rains, but also shades to stay under if it’s too hot, sunscreen to prevent skin from burning and blankets to keep warm if it’s windy.


Summer Party Mistake #3: Causing an upset stomach with the wrong food

summer party mistakes

Summer party mistakes are often about the food. You bring all the food outside and let it sit there for a while – only to find guests with an upset tummy. Mayonnaise, butter and chocolate really don’t enjoy staying in warm conditions.


It’s important to pick summer friendly foods – those that don’t melt even when sitting outdoors. In addition, make sure the food doesn’t sit in the heat for too long – you want to put it somewhere cool at some point to ensure it doesn’t go bad.


Summer Party Mistake #4: Not organizing any entertainment


Quite a few people think summer parties are so fun and relaxed you don’t really need to plan any entertainment. They add a music player and that’s it. But you do want to make an effort even if you’re just hosting a small garden party.


We love the idea of hiring a photo booth for guests to play with. This gives something fun for everyone to do and it leaves people actual physical memories of the event. Another good option is to host a garden game or create a proper yard dance floor with an actual Hudson Valley DJ dropping the tunes.


Summer Party Mistake #5: Serving just a bit too much booze

summer party mistakes

You need to be careful when serving guests alcohol in the summer heat. People are more susceptible to alcohol when the weather is hot and dehydration can be a real problem since you might swap the hydrating drinks with the booze. It’s important to encourage water drinking by providing personalized water bottles to guests and having pretty signs about hydration around the party venue.


Summer Party Mistake #6: Assuming people like to stand


You can’t expect people to want to stand the whole duration of the summer party. It’s important to provide enough seating – this doesn’t have to be proper chairs for everyone. Have picnic blankets for kids and younger adults, carry a sofa outside and borrow some garden chairs if you must.


When organizing a summer party, these are the mistakes you want to avoid. Just remember to plan well and approach your event with an open mind – don’t stress too much!


What are your big summer party mistakes tips? Let us know!

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