The Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Not everything is acceptable when you’re planning for a magical Valentine’s Day wedding. The romance-filled theme has a few quirks you need to be aware to ensure your special day doesn’t end up in a disaster. If you’d want to add a bit of Valentine’s Day magic to your Hudson Valley wedding, we got the do’s and don’ts for you to check.


When it comes to selecting the date…

Don’t be too stuck on having your Valentine’s Day wedding on the 14th of February, Yes, this is the actual date, but you can create a magical Valentine’s Day wedding on another date near the actual event. So, if you want a Saturday-wedding don’t wait until Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday or inconvenience your guests with a Tuesday wedding just because that’s Valentine’s Day.


Do keep your mind open on a weekday wedding, however! You could actually cut down the cost of your Hudson Valley wedding, as venues are often not as expensive in terms of rent during the week. Weekday weddings can work if you’re organizing a small wedding for the closest friends and family.


When it comes to decorating the venues…

Do trust the traditional symbols of love in your décor. This means that you do want to stick to Valentine’s Day wedding favorites, such as heart-shaped garlands, arrow-shooting Valentines table cards, dove-themed candles, and romantic prop signs for your Hudson Valley wedding photo booth. You want to celebrate your theme with your décor and let everyone know romance and love are buzzwords for your magical Valentine’s Day wedding.


But don’t just stick with the two most traditional colors of love: pink and red. If you want to have an elegant wedding and to avoid the cheese, consider decorating with something else. Gold or purple would work beautifully and add a bit of timeless sophistication to your love-themed wedding.


When it comes to picking the food and drink…

Don’t be afraid to show a playful side when planning for your menu. You can add a touch of romance to your food and drink simply by giving the menu romantic names. Your pink champagne can be a ‘A Glass of Love Potion’ and those chocolate soufflés the ‘Kiss from Valentine’.


Do also stick to traditional love inducing foods. Build your menu around the aphrodisiac options of pomegranate, vanilla, oysters, and chili peppers. Chili-vanilla chocolate cake sounds like the perfect wedding cake for Valentine’s Day!


When it comes to selecting entertainment…

Finally, do add fun love-themed competitions to your wedding. Valentine’s Day is great for organizing a competition to write the best love poem, lip sync a love song, or create a winning cocktail from the available selection.


Don’t make it all about couples. Your wedding will likely have a few single people and you don’t want to make them feel left out of the entertainment by having couples-only games and events. So, ensure the wedding entertainment isn’t just about celebrating couples, but also includes a dance floor with a proper Hudson Valley wedding DJ for singles and couples and has games everyone can participate in.


With the above do’s and don’ts you can have the best and the most magical Valentine’s Day wedding. Do you agree with our list? Perhaps you have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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