The Top 3 Weddings Themes for 2017

For your wedding to be a success, you need to pick a wedding theme to help with the planning and to provide a focus for the different elements at the reception and the ceremony. Wedding themes come and go, with each year providing something new and popular for the brides and grooms to try. For 2017, the following three themes are worth exploring. Each theme also has plenty of ideas you can easily implement for your Hudson Valley wedding.


1. Magical Forest


Nature is a big theme for weddings in 2017. There are a lot of neutral and natural colors used in décor, such as greens and watercolor tones of blue and red. Among these natural themes is the magical forest, which combines a whimsical fairytale with rustic nature elements.


How to create a magical forest wedding? Well, you should pick the ceremony location somewhere near a large forest background or the Hudson Valley mountains to provide you with the right ambiance. Include plenty of natural décor – big wooden trunks, pinecones and foraged berries and plants. Use natural light, decorating with candles and soft fairy lights. You can also highlight the theme with your menu, opting for game-themed foods like venison burgers or hearty tomato soups. Go for flavorsome cakes with berries on top.

2. Bohemian Fantasy


The magical theme is also evident in the bohemian fantasy wedding theme for 2017. The theme is slightly more colorful and playful. It includes bright colors like red, pink, green and purple, together with ethnic prints and patterns. It sets to create a relaxed and fun wedding environment for guests to enjoy.


You can create a bohemian fantasy wedding by opting for unique wedding dresses. Think in terms of jumpsuits and short wedding gowns, with the groom ditching the suit and jacket combination. Pick an outdoor location or scout one of the Hudson Valley wedding venues for something out of the ordinary – such as a farm or a spa! Keep things relaxed with the décor and focus on fun entertainment. You want to hire a fantasy Hudson Valley photo booth and organize different lawn games to keep guests entertained. For filling people’s tummies, you need to pick finger foods – hot dogs, sushi, donuts and cookie dough are great ideas for a bohemian fantasy wedding.

3. Tropical Relaxation


Finally, if you’d like a bit of freshness to your wedding go with the tropical wedding theme. The theme is all about colors – bright tropical prints and strong, vibrant hues of blue and purple. Pick the location near the sea or bring the sea to you, with sand filled glass jars and shells as décor. Get your Hudson Valley wedding DJ to play beach-themed songs and provide your guests with tropical cocktails to get into the mood. Create your menu around seafood and tropical fruit – a coconut cake is a perfect pick for the theme.

The above wedding themes for 2017 will help you create a memorable and a fun wedding day. The themes and ideas offer plenty of options and each theme is easy to achieve no matter what budget you have to play with.


Which of the above themes is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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