Top 5 Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

Top 5 Wedding Color Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is selecting the color palette for your big day. Having a color scheme will make the planning process a lot smoother as well as guarantee your wedding day really ‘looks’ and ‘feels’ amazing. But choosing the right color scheme isn’t all that easy. Here are the top five wedding color planning mistakes you need to avoid.

#1 Leaving the decision too late

The truth is that many people have trouble picking the colors for their wedding. And while they are still deciding, they plan a bit here and there, only to realize that they need to make the decision. And picking a color on the spot is really going to end up in tears!
 The solution is to give color priority. When you start planning for your wedding, give yourself a deadline for when you need to have the color palette decided. This gives you some time to look for options but also prevents you from pushing the decision forward.


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#2 Ignoring the venue

The second mistake many couples make is that they pick a color without thinking about the venue. There are plenty of great wedding venues that have a very neutral color scheme, but there are also plenty of amazing venues where some colors simply won’t look good.
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 So you need to make sure to pick the venue together with your color scheme. The good news is that the best Hudson Valley wedding venues generally have plenty of options to go with. 
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#3 Forgetting to order mock floral arrangements

You can easily mess the color scheme with the floral arrangements. The truth is that you might be ordering rosy pink flowers but the shade of pink will be more towards a peachy pink on the day.

The easy way to solve this is by asking for mock floral arrangements. This way you can see the kind of flowers the florist is using and you can get exactly the right kind of shades for your special day.
#4 Overlooking the power of contrast

Having a color scheme  at your wedding doesn’t mean that you go with one single shade. Although you don’t need to combine two completely different colors but you do need to consider different shades. Having everything in the exact same color and shade will easily give your wedding venue a really boring look.

So get the bridal dresses in one single shade and then incorporate this same color for the floral arrangements in two different shades. This adds depth to your big day.
#5 Selecting unflattering colors or patterns

You can also ruin your special day by selecting a color palette or pattern that just doesn’t suit your bridesmaids, for example. It is really important that you think about the colors and the shades with your bridesmaids in mind because you want them to look good as well.

The above mistakes are worth avoiding when you are picking the colors for your wedding day. You can also find plenty of other good tips from our free e-book for brides-to-be. And if you are looking for tips for the best Hudson Valley wedding entertainment, we will be happy to help you do that. Just contact us for more information on our website

What questions do YOU have about choosing the right color(s) for your wedding day? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
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