Top Wedding Music Ideas for the Year

The wedding music ideas you go with on your special day can have a huge impact on the success of your wedding. Music sets the ambiance – it helps your wedding guests to relax and to have a good time. So, what to expect from the wedding music trends in 2018?


The year is going to bring big changes to wedding music. When booking your Hudson Valley wedding DJ, you might want to keep these top ideas in mind.


Having a throwback to the 90s

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Nostalgia has always been a big thing in the wedding music industry. Since we’re starting to see more of the 90s kids getting married now, the music will reflect their childhood and teenage years. This means wedding playlists will be filled with tunes from the 90s and even the early 2000s. Who couldn’t resist a little Spice Girls to get the party started?


Opting for high-energy music

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The latest weddings music ideas are all about challenging the traditional. While the dance floor has previously been about romantic love songs and quirky pop tunes, 2018 will introduce high-energy music to the party. We’re talking about fast and upbeat – songs from the likes of Avicii and Major Lazer. The wedding party is turning up the heat this year!


Choosing modern first songs

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Picking the first song can be difficult. There are a lot of good love songs out there and a lot of couples have often gone with classics such as Etta James’ At Last. But 2018 is going to introduce newer first songs to the playlist. We’re talking about Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, John Legend’s Love Me Now and Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE. These are fresh first songs that allow you to show personality and playfulness.


Creating a choreographed entrance to the reception

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While your first entrance as newlyweds has always been a big thing and it has often involved music, everything will step up a notch in 2018. Instead of spending a lot of time nailing your first dance, couples are paying increasing attention to choreographing the first entrance. Get your Hudson Valley DJ involved and pick a tune that allows for a fun and memorable entrance!


Offering a dance lesson for the wedding guests

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Wedding music ideas are not just about the songs you play but also about the fun you can have with music. Wedding music is more than just a background noise – it can be a central part of your wedding entertainment. In 2018, you can use wedding music to entertain and educate your guests by organizing a dance lesson for all! It can be a simple, choreographed dance lesson led together by the wedding DJ and a dance instructor.


The above wedding music ideas are perfect for the year. The trends this season are going to be fresh and upbeat – wedding music will continue to be at the heart of wedding entertainment and go beyond its usual status as background music.


What do you think? What trends and wedding music ideas would you like to see on the dance floor? Let us know in the comments below!

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