The Ultimate Guide to Photo Booth Etiquette

Photo booth etiquette is an important part of surviving the party season in style. You are most likely going to come across photo booths in weddings, garden parties and the like, as it’s one of the most popular entertainment options around. You might even be thinking about hiring a Hudson Valley photo booth to your own party this summer and autumn. So, what does good photo booth etiquette entail? How to keep the experience fun while ensuring you don’t end up causing trouble with your party photos?


Here’s a quick guide to photo booth etiquette.


Check and follow the instructions


hired photo booth

When you’re about to start taking photos, take a moment to understand how the photo booth works. There are all sorts of photo booths these days from the traditional booths to magic mirror photo booths. While these, in general, are easy to use, you don’t want to start pressing buttons in a hurry. Just take a second to follow the instructions and check with the party host if you run into problems.


Let others enjoy as well


magic mirror photo booth

Photo booths are fun and you can easily get carried away. You might have fantastic props to play with or the photo booth might allow you to add drawings and text on top of your photos. In fact, you might find the photo booth the best entertainment of the night. However, remember there are other people around as well! You don’t want to be the only one using the photo booth. So, take a few photos and let others take their turn – you can always return later for more.


Don’t break or steal the props


Father's day

If the party host has provided you with funky photo booth props, be imaginative and put them to good use! But remember the simple photo booth etiquette of treating the props with care – they might be part of the hired booth or the host might have spent hours creating them and you don’t want to break them. Be respectful of the props and after use, drop them off to their designated spot. Don’t wander away with the props – you want to let others use them too!


Bring your friends


The best photos are those where you are hanging out with your friends. So, take a few friends with you when you want to take party photos. Just remember that the space in photo booths can be limited – don’t cram in too many people. On the other hand, if the photo booth is not a closed space, you can take more friends with you!


Think before you share on social media


social media at weddings

The modern photo booth etiquette has to factor in the element of social media. The magic mirror photo booth, for example, allows you to share your photos online in a click of a button. But before you launch those party photos for the world to see, think. You don’t want to accidentally post embarrassing photos – especially without the permission of the people in the photos.


Have a good time


Above all, you need to let your hair down and just have a good time! Photo booth etiquette isn’t difficult or strict – just be mindful when using the equipment and focus on having a good time.


What are your favorite photo booth moments? Share us your funniest photo booth events in the comments below!

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