The Ultimate Halloween Party Planning Guide

The perfect Halloween party starts with a proper plan. Now is the best time to finalize your plans for Halloween 2019 and we have all the tips and tricks you need to ensure your party is a ghoulish success!


The schedule


First, you need to decide the time and venue for your party. When deciding the venue, you must consider how many guests you are inviting and whether you are looking to use outside catering or do it all yourself. Few weeks before the party, you want to design your Halloween party invitations and get them sent.


Your next step is to book caterers and entertainment. A fantastic idea for a Halloween party would be to have a photo booth with suitable Halloween props. You might also like to have something different like fire breathers to welcome your guests.

Halloween party

A week before, you need to start shopping for the décor (leave more time if you are doing most decorations yourself) and create a grocery list for goodies. If you can, decorate your venue the night before the party and make sure all the food is cooked and ready to go!


It’s OK to have the Halloween party before the actual date – indeed, more people might show up to your party if it isn’t exactly on Halloween. However, try to avoid organizing it after Halloween – people don’t want to dress up long into November!


The must-haves


So, what does a good Halloween party need? There are three essential elements to a good Halloween party: food, décor and entertainment.


The food

Halloween party

Keep your menu simple but play with the theme. You don’t need to create elaborate food items, but you can just play with the names and the presentation. For example, mini sausages with sprinkled ketchup on them will look spooky but won’t need a lot of preparation. Remember to add plenty of candy to your venue – just place cute vases with plenty of candle around the room.


The décor

Halloween party

In terms of décor, focus on the key elements of pumpkins, darkness and spider webs. The winning combination always works. Essentially, you can just keep the room as dimly lit as possible and add lanterns here and there for candlelight. A few spider webs placed in surprising spots will add a bit of scare-factor to your décor.


The entertainment

Halloween party

A Halloween party needs proper entertainment. As mentioned, a photo booth is a great idea and you can book one from a Hudson Valley photo booth provider. Have a secret tape recorder playing scary music near the booth and occasionally creating a loud scream – guaranteed fun photos! You should also include party games, like truth or dare, to your party – these help people bond and add a bit of spookiness to the event.


The big dos and don’ts


So, what are the other things to keep in mind? There are a few dos and don’ts that will help you make the party even better.


Do keep in mind your guest list and plan accordingly. If the party includes children, you can’t make the décor or entertainment too scary.


Don’t overcomplicate your food or décor. Most often, the simplest things are the best. You don’t need to stress out in order to throw a good party.


Do ask people to dress up. A Halloween party is nothing without a bit of dressing up. Just don’t create a theme that makes it hard to pick something and never start analyzing whether people made enough effort or not with their costumes.


With the above tips and tricks in mind, you can throw a great Halloween party this year. So start planning!

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