Unusual Ways to Capture Your Best Wedding Moments

Your wedding day will live with you for the rest of your life. While no one can ever erase those memories from your mind, you’ll also want to ensure you capture all the best wedding moments to share with friends and family on paper – with images or writing. The most common option has been hiring a wedding photographer to take photos of your big day. Indeed, Hudson Valley has plenty of great photographers and video editors to help you out. But there are other options to consider as well. Here are some more unusual ways to capture your best wedding moments and to share your memories of the big day.


Hiring a portrait artist


A portrait artist is someone who would walk around amongst your guest and paints or draws quick portraits of the guests or the specific event going on. You could hire someone who either does funnier caricature types of drawings or go with a more realistic style – in color or in black and white. The portrait artist could just focus on capturing your guests, but you could easily have them draw things like your first dance or the cake cutting. You could allow guests to take portraits with them – for example, gift them as wedding favor – and keep some to yourself as a memory.

Filming with a GoPro


Instead of having a videographer film the big day, you could put your guests to work. You could buy GoPro cameras and have a few people wear them throughout the ceremony. It could be the bestman who captures the day or you father-in-law. The fun thing about this is how it captures the ceremony from a different angle and gives the video footage a more personalized feel. You can then edit the footage into your wedding video or just create your personalized GoPro wedding video clips. You can even get great aerial footage if you attach the camera to a drone!

Taking photos with a photo booth


Photo booths are an essential part of wedding entertainment and a great way to capture your wedding moments. Nowadays, there are plenty of unique photo booths to choose from, adding a bit more excitement to this traditional wedding element – our favorite being the magic mirror booth. The magic mirror photo booth for weddings allows your guests to write personalized messages on the photos, add props from a selection of options, and post the photos on social media. The technology is widely available from Hudson Valley wedding photo booth providers and it makes taking photos fun and interactive, guaranteeing your guests leave the wedding with plenty of fun memories.

Writing down a story


Capturing your best wedding moments is not just about filming and photographing. The written word can also remind you of the fun you had. You should get your guests to share their wedding memories in writing. Instead of a traditional guestbook, for example, you can have your guests fill out a form that asks them to name their favorite moments and funny stories that happened during your wedding. You could ask about the best food item they ate or the best dance of the evening. These little stories and memories will be so much fun to get back to in years to come.

When it comes to your wedding day, you naturally want to enjoy the moment as much as possible. You also want to capture those moments to brighten up your day in the future. The above ideas add a bit more personality and fun to your wedding moments.


What are your favorite ways to capture wedding moments? Let us know!

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