Should You Use Photo Booth Music?

Photo booth music is a hotly debated topic. Some people feel you shouldn’t include music to your photo booth, while others think it adds another layer of fun to your entertainment. So, what should you do?


If you are thinking about hiring a photo booth in Hudson Valley for your Halloween party, Christmas get-together or even your wedding, you should consider the following tips.


What does photo booth music add to the experience?

There are certain benefits to using music as part of the photo booth experience. It can loosen people up – when a good song is playing, you get in a good mood and your body starts to automatically feel like dancing. This can mean better and funnier photos, as your guests let go of their inhibitions.


The music can also add to the theme of your photo booth. For example, if you’ve built a spooky theme around your Magic Mirror Photo Booth with Halloween props, scary music can make the experience feel more special. Music always adds to a theme, whether it is the swinging 20s or Casino Royale you’re trying to achieve.


Let the guests choose

photo booth music

Of course, not everyone likes music and some people might find it just adding to the noise. You definitely don’t want guests to feel like they need to listen to those songs when they just want to play around in the photo booth.


The solution is to allow your guests to choose! Include an iPod dock next to your photo booth with a sign that says music is available for getting in the mood to strike a pose. You could even have the music playing low and let your guests turn up the volume if they feel like it.


Combine the dance floor and the photo booth

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Another great solution is to place the photo booth next to the dance floor. This allows the guests to enjoy the music the DJ is playing but they don’t feel like they have to start shaking their hips. The two will be separate entertainment opportunities but with the additional twist that guests can combine those experiences. In parties such as your wedding, placing the two close to each other will also ensure people take advantage of the photo booth.


Photo booth music just for the users

photo booth music

There is one final trick for photo booth music worth trying. You might have noticed how silent disco is gaining popularity. Well, you could give your guests something different in the form of a silent disco photo booth! Just have a few headphones connected to a music-streaming device and allow guests to jam while taking photos. This is fun and different and the music won’t be bothering other guests at all.


Photo booth music is not a bad idea and as the above shows, there are plenty of ways to execute it. Music is entertaining just like a photo booth and combining these two will ensure guests have a memorable experience.


Do you like to have music in your photo booth? Let us know in the comments below!

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