Valentine’s Day Photo Booth – Creating a Kissing Booth

When it comes to throwing Valentine’s Day party or a romantic wedding, you can add a lot of love in the air with a photo booth. Here are tips on how to turn your Valentine’s Day photo booth into a kissing booth for guests to have fun with!

Sign It Up for People to Find

Valentine's Day photo booth

Your Valentine’s Day photo booth needs a sign to ensure guests know what it’s all about! You could have the sign right next to the photo booth displaying in big, bright letters “Kissing Booth”. If there’s room above the photo booth and you’re able to hang the sign higher or have it on the wall, do this for extra visibility!

Add a Romantic Background

photo booth backdrop

Your kissing booth should also have a romantic background. This could be a beautiful rose background or you could create a DIY background with small red and pink hearts. With a digital photo booth, you could even opt for a green screen and have your own custom-made background for guests to use!

Shower It with Props

Valentine's Day wedding

Props are a great way to turn your Valentine’s Day photo booth into a proper kissing booth. You could add cutout lips for guests to play with and turn the photos into something humorous. You should also have signs that say things like “Just Kissed a Girl” and “Just Kissed a Boy”, as well as cupid’s arrows the guests can point to their kissing partners.

Compete for the Best Kiss

Valentine's Day Photo Booth

A good party should have a competition! Photo booth competitions are fun and they will ensure the guests have a nice time snapping photos. Your competition could be for the most romantic photo, the funniest photo or you could even give everyone a printed list of everyone they need to kiss and take a photo as proof. The one who gets the most things ticked off the list wins the competition!

Share It Online

photo booth hashtags

Whether you’re hosting Valentine’s Day party or a wedding, including social media to your event is a great idea. Why not make your Valentine’s Day photo booth social too? Display hashtags for the event next to your photo booth and pick a booth that allows social sharing after the photo’s been taken. This will make your party just a bit more fun!

Valentine’s Day Photo Booth is A Lot of Fun

The best thing about creating a kissing booth as your Valentine’s Day photo booth is the simplicity of it and the fun it brings to the party! It’s a lighthearted way to have a bit of a laugh and people of all ages can enjoy it. What’s more, you don’t need to do a lot to create it! Just contact your trusted North Carolina photo booth specialist and take the above tips into account. Soon you’ll be having a good time with friends and family!

Have you had a Valentine’s Day photo booth turned into a kissing booth? What did you think? Let us know!