Wedding Photo Booth Trends for 2019

The start of the year is always a good time for something new. In the world of wedding photo booths, 2019 is set to offer plenty of excitement and fun new trends. Here are the latest wedding photo booth trends to look forward to in 2019.


Bold Backgrounds

photo booth backdrop

Wedding trends in 2019 are showing a lot of color. When it comes to color, this is the year to go bold and bright. This same is true for wedding photo booth trends – you want to opt for bold backgrounds that stand out. One of the hottest options is to choose a large neon sign! For example, have the wedding date in big, bold colors or a neon sign with your initials!


Digital Pictures

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Sustainability and environmental themes will be a big hit in 2019. North Carolina wedding couples are looking to make sure their big day isn’t harmful to the environment. This means that most will opt for wedding photo booths that are all about digital pictures. This will also mean that social media sharing will continue to be a big part of wedding organizing.


Instant Printing

wedding photo booth trends

If couples do choose to have printouts, you’ll find them searching for wedding photo booths that allow instant printing. Wedding couples and guests don’t want to wait for photos forever – instant printing will make it possible to get your hands on the funny photos immediately! If you’re conscious about the environmental impact, you could consider recycled photo paper to cut waste.


Suggestive Props

photo booth hashtags

Wedding photo booth trends in 2019 will also see couples be a bit more playful with their wedding entertainment. Wedding photo booths are not just about standing still, smiling and taking photos. You’ll want to include lots of suggestive props that challenge wedding guests to take more imaginative photos. We’re talking about photo booth challenges and idea cards that help guests pose and have fun!


Mirror Photo Booths

hudson valley photo booth

Wedding photo booths are continuing their march towards open-air models that utilize technology. The magic mirror photo booth has been a popular pick for a while now and it’ll continue to be the favorite photo booth choice in 2019. The magic mirror photo booth has it all – it’s interactive, personalized and fun!


Professional Vendors

Wedding trends in 2019 are all about finding personalized and professional wedding vendors. Couples are conscious about the choices they make and they want value for their money. This is true even for North Carolina wedding photo booth rentals – couples are not just going to hire the first company they see. They want a bit of extra with their wedding photo booth service.


Wedding Photo Booth Trends in 2019 Are All About Having Fun


The above wedding photo booth trends in 2019 are going to be fun and interactive. Photo booth continues to be a popular option for wedding entertainment and the year’s trends will keep things interesting and fun!


What are the wedding photo booth trends you’re looking forward to most in 2019? Let us know!

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