Wedding Resolutions for the New Year

As 2016 draws closer to the finish, it’s time to start looking forward to a whole new year of wedding planning. The start of the New Year only means that your Hudson Valley wedding is one step closer and you need to shift your planning up a notch to get it all done in time. So, to ensure your wedding planning gets off to a good start, these are the wedding resolutions you must make for the New Year.


It all starts with guests


A successful wedding is made up of great guests. If you want your special day to be a success, you really need to start by creating a guest list. The guests you’ll invite determine many of the other aspects of your guests – the kind of wedding venue you’ll pick to the entertainment you’ll have. So, the first things you need to do, is determine what type of wedding you want to have: an intimate family affair or a lavish party for hundreds of people?


It’s about love not the color of your shoes


It’s hard to lose sight of the main reason for your wedding when beautiful centerpieces and tasty treats surround you. But your wedding is a celebration of the love between you and your partner, and the success of the day is not determined by the color of your shoes, but how much fun you two will have on this special occasion. So, remember to celebrate the love, stop stressing and getting too wound up about getting it right – you already succeeded in finding the perfect soul mate!


It’s time to trust your wedding vendors


Hudson Valley wedding vendors are brilliant at what they do. You can find professional, trustworthy providers in fields from cake making to photo booths. You just need to do your research, pick the right vendor and then trust them. Don’t treat your wedding vendors like they’ve never worked with brides and grooms! You don’t need to check daily to ensure they are still delivering the flowers – relax and trust your vendor to deliver the best wedding experiences ever.


It can be a good idea to do some DIY


DIY weddings can have a bad reputation, but there’s no need for this. If you aren’t able to work with an unlimited budget, you can make those clever savings with just a few DIY tricks. You don’t have to start creating elaborate centerpieces if that’s not your thing, but you are surely able to give a try to some simply escort cards or table numbers.


It should be a day you get to experience not just to plan


Your wedding planning shouldn’t culminate in you spending the day ensuring everything runs as planned. You must enjoy your big day – participate in the magic photo booth fun and dance the night away with the tunes provided by your Hudson Valley wedding DJ. Perhaps the most important thing of all, you need to remember to eat during the day as well! So, remember to have a wedding planner to help out if you feel like it and above all, just relax on the big day. Things will work out – one way or another.


So, what is your big wedding resolution for 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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