Wedding Spending: How to Prioritize

Wedding spending is big topic couples have to deal with. With the average wedding costing $35,329, many couples have to take a hard look at how and when they spend. You want your special day to be amazing but you don’t want to break up with your bank account in order to do just that.


So how do you prioritize?


It all boils down to two elements

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Let’s be real here – if you think back to the best weddings you’ve attended, what are the most important things you remember? It’s not that the flowers matched with the napkins or the candles had a signature scent. It was that the entertainment was good and the food was yummy. Those are the top priorities you want to keep in mind when deciding the spending.


It’s the quality that counts

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In terms of both food and entertainment, you need to focus on quality above anything. A simple, but a tasty sandwich is always better than a bland duck paté that you just picked to sound fancy. Wedding guests don’t care that much about the posh names or the availability of options – they just want to eat something amazing and to get their tummies full.


When thinking about your wedding spending, pay attention to the quality of the food. Always sample the wedding menu and consider having fewer, but tastier options if it helps with your spending.


The same applies to entertainment as well. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on fire breathers, caricaturists and the like to create a good party. You often need a single good wedding DJ and you’re set.


It’s about getting more at once

wedding spending

Wedding spending is good when you get a lot back with what you spend. In terms of the entertainment, this means covering more than one aspect of the night. What entertainment form does it better than your wedding music?


A good wedding DJ will set the atmosphere. It can provide the perfect backdrop for the night when you are just enjoying the food and your wedding guests are having a chat. But a DJ will also get everyone moving and dancing. Dancing the night away is one of the key things people remember from any party, especially a wedding.


But there’s more! When you book a quality wedding DJ, you’ll also get someone to help with the flow of the reception. You can have the person announce big events of the night to ensure no one misses the father and bride dance, for example. They’ll even get everyone ready for the final dance of the night.


Wedding spending priorities

So, when it comes to having your dream wedding, you do not need to spend a fortune. You just need to focus on the main things that make a good party: the food and the entertainment. If you succeed in finding quality catering and a good wedding DJ, you’ll end up creating a night to remember for your wedding guests!


What do you think about wedding spending priorities? Share us your secrets!

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