Wedding Tasks You Shouldn’t Leave to Last Minute

Planning your dream Hudson Valley wedding can be exhausting. Planning takes time and you can’t dedicate all of your time to it – you still have to go live your normal life and keep things running! Therefore, it’s important to plan your planning. You want to ensure you don’t leave certain wedding tasks to the last minute – or you’ll end up with a wedding disaster.


To ensure your wedding planning goes smoothly, here are the things you shouldn’t ever leave to the last minute.


Getting your marriage license

wedding tasks

OK, let’s start with the most obvious: your marriage license. Your perfect Hudson Valley wedding might never happen if you forget about the wedding license! It might seem the most boring part of the whole wedding planning process but it is one of the most essential wedding tasks out there.


Writing the wedding vows

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If you’re planning to write your own vows, do not leave it to the last minute! You want your vows to be special and not something you came up in the early hours of the wedding day. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper can be harder than you think. Pick a quiet weekend a few months before the wedding and create a draft – you can always change it up later if you want!


Finalizing the seating plans

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You don’t want to end up lumping random people together mindlessly. The wedding will be a success if you put a bit of thought into your seating arrangements – it guarantees people have a good time and everyone gets a chance to meet new, interesting people. Sort out the seating plans as soon as you know how your tables are arranged and you’ve finalized the attendees.


Booking your wedding DJ

While most wedding couples sort out the wedding venue and catering as soon as they’ve set the date, booking the entertainment is often left for later. But the most popular Hudson Valley wedding DJs and bands get booked months in advance – if you want a high-quality DJ you got to book early. You don’t want to pick something in a rush so take care of the music as soon as you can.


Confirming your vendor details

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All in all, you need to confirm and finalize wedding vendor details in good time. Sometimes things are mixed up or they are misunderstood – you want to check everything is going to happen as ordered at least two weeks before the big day. This ensures the wedding tasks happen as intended and you still have time to fix any issues or problems that might come up.


Packing for the honeymoon

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Now, if you’re jetting off to the honeymoon within a few days of the wedding, you got to pack beforehand! The wedding week will be busy and you’ll be surprisingly tired after the wedding from all things that took place during it. Just pack everything you can a few weeks before the wedding and you don’t need to rush with the packing the night before your big trip.


So, if you want to enjoy stress-free wedding planning, you need to sort out these wedding tasks as soon as possible. It will ensure the rest of the planning goes smoothly and you end up having a perfect wedding!


What do you think? What are the wedding tasks you think should have a priority? We’d love to hear from you so drop us a comment below!

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