Wedding Vendor of the Month…Lisa Zaro, Wedding Officiant

Wedding Vendor of the Month…

Lisa Zaro, Wedding Officiant 

I had the extreme pleasure to interview Lisa Zaro in person as well as over the phone, and learned a lot of wonderful things about her. She has a great passion for officiating weddings and for people in love, and has shared some of the touching, funny and odd things that she’s experienced in her 4 years as an officiant in the Hudson Valley.

A little background on Lisa to start – she became ordained as an officiant in September of 2010, and she also is the founder and president of the Wedding Vendors of the Hudson Valley which was created in 2011 with only 4 members and has grown to over 600 members as of this month. She has also recently founded the Wedding Vendors of the Crossroads which is comprised of almost 100 members.

Photo by Julian Ribinik Photography

Lisa has officiated almost 200 weddings since she started in 2010. She has also officiated for elopements & vow renewals as well. Not only does she officiate, she can help couples with their vow writing as well. She got started by becoming ordained to do Reiki, then attended a ceremony performed by her uncle, and said “I want to do that!” When I asked Lisa how she got involved with vow writing she said “It just came naturally with the officiating.”

When meeting with a couple Lisa makes sure that she really focuses on the couple – it’s about them and their needs. She doesn’t push for anything they don’t want and tries to put twists on trendy weddings (i.e. wine time capsule, photo time capsule)…what unique ideas! 

 Every ceremony is moving for Lisa. But there was a particular ceremony that Lisa remembers vividly where the bride’s grandmother had recently passed away, and during the ceremony the bride had gone and  a placed a flower on the empty chair where would her grandmother would have sat, and Lisa could see how much love the bride had for her grandmother and the sadness she also felt that her grandmother wasn’t there. Lisa was really moved to tears as she really felt empathy for her bride.

A funny memory Lisa also shares is that she was officiating a wedding  outside where a groundhog came up, sat on his hind legs and watched the entire ceremony. The bride couldn’t control herself and began to laugh & snort very hard. 

Something that was supposed to be taken as funny, but wasn’t was when Lisa was officiating a wedding where the Maid of Honor made an objection during the objection statement part of the ceremony…needless to say…the bride was NOT amused!

One of the more unique ceremonies Lisa has officiated was for a couple where the ceremony was held at a local restaurant. The couple had been together for a VERY long time and had a Star Trek themed wedding which included beer pong and paintball competitions! The couples got quotes from Star Trek and made funny references to it in their vows!

When contacting Lisa for officiating your event, she always sends out a questionnaire and asks additional questions to see if she is the right match for the couple. She also mentions that if a couple is looking for something specific to be up front about it right from the start – that way it makes her job easier to give you the ceremony you really want.

Lisa states that her best advice for brides/couples is to “take your time choosing your vendors. Don’t book everyone at once. Ask vendors they love for referrals. Ask your expert vendors who they would recommend as a expert.”

When I asked Lisa “what is the one thing you really want couples to know about you?”, her response was simply, “that your ceremony is about you,  that I am flexible, and that I LOVE what I do!”

 You can tell by all the smiling faces of the couples that Lisa has worked with over the years that she truly does love what she does and delivers to the couple a ceremony to be remembered!

So if you are getting married in the Hudson Valley or in northern NJ and need an officiant who will truly work with you to create a very personalized ceremony, make sure to reach out to Rev. Lisa Zaro! Check her out at her website here:
We have had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside Lisa providing the ceremony music while she officiated, and can say from experience that she is simply incredible! You cannot go wrong with Lisa – not only is she a professional, but she is a real person, a wife and a mom of 2 beautiful twin boys and puts her love and 100% of her passion and energy into everything she does! We are truly grateful for the time she took to grant the interview and share some of her officiating wisdom and experiences. Platinum Party Events Entertainment thanks you Lisa! We look forward to the next time our paths will cross again!

So what are YOU looking for when you hire your Hudson Valley Wedding Officiant? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!

Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment