Wedding Video….Make Sure This Is On Your “MUST HAVE” List!

Wedding Video….Make Sure This Is On Your “MUST HAVE” List! 

It’s funny that in all the years that we have been providing music entertainment for weddings and other events, that when I ask couples – “so who is your videographer?”, I usually am met with a blank stare or get the “we don’t really need it” response. I never quite understood the “not really needing” video of the most important day of your life! When my husband Thomas & I got married, not having video wasn’t even an option for me – I knew that we NEEDED it – not just to remember the day & how beautiful I may have looked & how handsome my husband looked, but all the things we wanted to cherish. Things like our very traditional Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony, our exciting surprise boat entrance into our cocktail hour at our reception, to all the people who attended we wanted to cherish, all the fun or emotional moments we may have missed…even just the music, the special dances. Dancing with my father to Edelweiss – one of his favorite songs it’s something I want to be able to look at when he is gone and hold that memory close to my heart. It’s a moment I want to be able to share with our daughter as she gets older, as I know my dad won’t be around forever to see her grow up. It’s something that I want to share with my husband every year on our anniversary, and just when we feel like remembering. We had done a very special choreographed first dance and want to be able to look back and say, wow…that was so much fun! Video is not just for you – but for your future generations. 

I would have hated to have missed our first dance & love watching it over & over:
(please forgive the quality of my own video – I videoed my video and uploaded to You Tube)

“I’m not a videographer, but my number one reason for a having a wedding video is to enjoy time with loved ones lost. My mom and my husband’s mom died a year after we were married. Nothing is like seeing them come alive on screen again.” – Dawn Stewart, general manager at Novella’s, New Paltz, NY

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. According to Brainshark, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words. Photos are great to remember how everyone looked at the wedding but the wedding vows, the speeches, what family members sounded like and all the emotions of the wedding party, parents, family and friends will only live in people’s memories. These precious moments can be relived and felt for many generations through video. Your wedding day happens in a blink of an eye. Many moments will be missed or fade as time goes by. A video will let you replay those key moments long after the wedding day. Not budgeting for video is the number one regret many brides have after their wedding despite being advised to do so by others.” – Nuby DeLeon, ND Pro Media

 Check out a great sample of Nuby’s work here: 
Randy & April

“My biggest piece of advice as to why you should get a wedding video is to HEAR the emotion of the day and not just see it through photographs. What a priceless gift 20 years later to hear those vows, hear your parents and grandparents giving you advice and wishing you happiness. Many of my brides have contacted me 10 or 15 years after the wedding and told me that to be able to see and hear their friends and family members who have passed on, is just a blessing to them.” – Jen Cassaro, Jen Cassaro Productions 

Check out a great sample of Jen’s work here: 
Wedding Highlights

“To us video is not about today but next year, five years from now, the future when hearing your grandma’s voice brings back her presence. It is about seeing what you are in the middle of and can hardly recall. Motion, sound and emotion are all conveyed in a magical way with video.” – Brooke Elkan-Moore, Brooke Moore Photo & Video

 Check out a sample of Brooke’s work here: 
Dave & Cindy

“Filming wedding days is to me so special. Amongst the laughter , tears hugs and enjoyment, I get to witness and be part of a wonderful day. Yes, these memories are treasured keepsakes for years to come. We may have all this new technology but at the end of the day, we are witness to a superb and wonderful family day.”
-Robert Knowles, Robert Knowles Media

Check out a sample of Robert’s work here:
 Fran & Bevan

The wedding video is not really for you… but for your children’s-children’s-children. Its a chance for them to see not just their grandparents in motion but often even their great great and GREAT grandparents in motion.
– Kimberly Hart, Solaris 3 Productions

I honestly hope that during your wedding planning process you strongly consider adding videography into your “MUST HAVE” list for your wedding day.

 You don’t want to forget moments like THIS on YOUR wedding day:
So before you say “I don’t need that” when it comes to capturing the BEST moments on the most important day of your life, please check out the websites & video samples of the above videographers! They offer some incredible work and have years of experience in their industry!

Platinum Party Events Entertainment can help recommend some amazingly talented videographers in the Hudson Valley for your wedding day video! Contact us today for how we can help YOU have the BEST WEDDING EVER!

So what are some special moments you don’t want to miss on your wedding day & want to cherish for the rest of your life? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy Planning!
Laurie Kuerlemann
MC/Host/Wedding Entertainment Director
Platinum Party Events Entertainment